$79.00 USD

Education Speakers Summit Recordings (2023)

The 3rd Annual Education Speakers Summit brought together speakers, authors and consultants (and those who want to be), and shows you exactly what you need to do to thrive in today‚Äôs education landscape.

Gain fresh, immediately implementable ideas from those who are making it happen, and expand your network with other passionate education professionals who will support you, partner with you, and give you fresh ideas and proven strategies.

  • Tom Hierck - Building Long-Term Relationships So Your Business Thrives 
  • Afrika Afeni Mills - From Blogs & Articles to Books & Keynotes
  • Alex Kajitani - Six Simple Marketing Ideas That Work Really Well! 
  • Meghan Raftery - Stories That Sell
  • Josh Shipp - Speaking in the Youth Market
  • Tremain Nelson - Building Your Brand
  • and more ...