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Inspiration for Teachers

Teaching is not just what we do. Teaching is what we are. This collection of 101 stories will make you laugh, cry (good tears), and be inspired at the true difference teachers make every single day.

Owning It

Named “Recommended Reading” by the U.S. Department of Education and lauded by top educators and administrators, Owning It shows you how to be a highly effective teacher who loves what you do.

101 Tips for Teaching Online

Evolve your craft while staying grounded in best teaching practices. Alex Kajitani offers readers a fun and meaningful resource packed with practical tips for making the most of an online classroom environment. From sign-on to sign-off, use these strategies to ensure your students feel welcomed, engaged, and empowered to own their learning. In addition, gain self-care ideas that will help you be your best.

Pyramid of Behavior Interventions

Students thrive when educators commit to proactively meeting their behavioural as well as academic needs. This book will help teachers and school leaders transform the research on behaviour, response to intervention, and professional learning communities into practical strategies they can use to create a school culture and classroom climates in which learning is primed to occur.

Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom

Creating a positive classroom learning environment is a complex but necessary task for all educators. By fully realizing the seven keys the author highlights, teachers can establish clearer expectations, enhance instruction and assessment practices, and foster quality relationships with students, thereby maximizing the potential of all students. The book includes helpful stories from teachers, as well as classroom strategies to consider in implementing the keys.

Starting a Movement

Explore the four-stage authentic alignment model, which will take you through the Why, Eye, How, and Now of transforming your school's culture. Through this inspiring guide, you'll discover how to bridge the gulf between principles and practice to cultivate an empowering environment that is committed to a cycle of continuous improvement

The Teacher of the Year Handbook

Ever been named a Teacher of the Year for your school, organization or beyond? The only book of its kind, the country’s top teachers show you how to elevate yourself, and the work you do, to the next level.

Trauma-Sensitive Instruction

The impact of trauma on learning can be significant and long lasting. Learn how you can confidently and meaningfully support your trauma-impacted students and foster trauma-informed schools with this accessible resource. The authors draw from their personal and professional experiences with trauma, mental health, and school culture to provide real insight into what you can do now to help learners build resilience, cope with adverse situations, and achieve at high levels.

Trauma-Sensitive Leadership

Lead a foundational shift in the way your school approaches student behavior. Trauma-Sensitive Leadership offers research-based, practical strategies for understanding and supporting trauma-impacted students rather than "fix" them. Using straightforward language, the authors illustrate how to integrate new mindsets into daily practice to get to the core of critical issues like social-emotional safety and wellness for students and adults alike.

Assessing Unstoppable Learning

Assessing Unstoppable Learning explains how K-12 teachers and administrators can work in collaborative teams to form effective and efficient assessment systems in their schools that help all students maximize their learning. Based on the key principles of systems thinking, this book will help educators define student learning goals and plan, launch, and lead learning as a team to meet them.

Managing Unstoppable Learning

First introduced in Unstoppable Learning, the Unstoppable Learning framework details seven essential elements of teaching and learning: (1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading. This resource by Tom Hierck focuses specifically on the element of managing learning outcomes in the classroom environment, outlining a collective approach to behavior management strategies and student engagement that minimizes the impact of negative behaviors and maximizes the potential (as well as the social and emotional learning) of each student.

Grading for Impact

As grading, assessment, and reporting continue to be a relevant topic of discussion, this book creates a functional plan to move standards-based grading practices forward in schools. Teachers and teacher leaders will learn how to assess, grade, and report against specific learning targets rather than standards as a whole.

Strategies for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, 6-8 (Implement an RTI framework)

Build a solid mathematics program by emphasizing prioritized learning goals and integrating RTI into your curriculum. Prepare students to move forward in mathematics learning, and ensure their continued growth in critical thinking and problem solving. With this book, you'll discover an RTI model that provides the mathematics instruction, assessment, and intervention strategies necessary to meet the complex, diverse needs of students.

RTI Is a Verb

RTI isn’t just about interventions. It’s about assessing how all students respond to instruction. In this book, Tom Hierck and Chris Weber go beyond the why and what of RTI to show you how to translate this good idea into a plan of action for your school.

Preparing students to meet real world challenges—and to stay in school until they are ready for them—takes a team effort. With this road map in hand, your team will take RTI from research to practice, from ideas to reality—and lead all students to success.

Hip-Hop Math: Conquering Word Problems

Tap the combined power of hip-hop pedagogy and scenario-based mathematics to open a world of learning and dynamic possibilities.

Using a research-based approach to building academic capacities, Hip-Hop Math provides the strategies, tips, and tools students need in order to competently and confidently conquer word problems.

From standards-based, stage-by-stage walk throughs of time honored practices such as Guess and Check, Make a Table, Write an Equation, and more, Hip-Hop Math is designed to authentically engage students while simultaneously empowering educators to meet rigorous, high-level objectives.